Publicum In Actively Contributes to Finding Solutions to Challenges Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic with a Series of Webinars

Publicum In Institute starting from 10 August 2020, started the realization of a series of webinars treating the essential issues of immeasurable impact for society especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Supported by eminent professionals, Publicum In dedicated its attention to communication, information delivery, fighting disinformation and various media approaches.

Having in mind the pandemic is a regional, but also a global challenge, the series of webinars focuses on regional experiences, communication models in the countries of South East Europe, as well as on lessons learned in managing all challenges in the communication process.

Youth, as a category most affected by the crisis, is also in the focus of our activities via an analysis of the psychological and sociological challenges they are faced with, social media, youth policies and certainly the educational aspect, which is maybe the most affected by the restrictive measures and protocols of the so-called “new normal”.

The webinars are available on our official Facebook account, @PublicumIn (, as well as on our organization’s YouTube channel (