About Us

Institute Publicum In as a voluntary, non-profit and non-party organization, based in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, created by highly motivated and experienced team with one basic goal – strengthening the democratic capacity and western values in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans region. We believe that full openness and transparency, as well as embracing diversity and equality on all bases are pillars for good governance, strong institutions and democratic society.

our mission

Publicum In Institute strives to realize its vision by providing a comprehensive platform for enhancing knowledge and skills of critical personnel, who have the opportunity to most effectively and efficiently create an environment for building a democratic society, based on the European and Euro-Atlantic values, a society, entailing transparency and accountability in governance and equal opportunities to all its citizens, regardless of their sex, race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status or age.


We offer expert assistance in increasing institutional and organizational visibility and transparency and accountability as a corner stone for democratic growth.

Gender equality and gender perspective along with promotion of human rights and cultural awareness in the work environment.

We help develop the Euro-Atlantic idea and help interface the NATO and EU values in institutional and organizational messaging, as a path to fully embracing western values in the Macedonian society, as well as in the societies in the other Western Balkans countries.

what we do

Innovative courses, workshops, seminars and round tables based on out-of-the-box methods and “learning by doing”

Expert advice on PR approaches and organization of PR units in the institution/organization

Creating a network of PR specialists in the local communities to further maximize effectiveness in relaying NATO and EU value-based messaging


Our team includes young, motivated and highly trained individuals with decades of combined experience in the field of Public Affairs, Strategic Communication, Gender Equality and Gender Perspective, in both public institutions and private corporations.

Publicum In has:

· experts in the field of Public Affairs with both education and over 10-years of practical experience in conducting PA for a government institution;

· internationally certified media trainers, with extensive experience working for a NATO branded institution;

· individuals with experience in organizing over 50 seminars, courses and workshops;

· Certified experts in the field of gender related questions, especially in the defence sector;

· young instructors with teaching experience at many NGO supported activities in North Macedonia, the Western Balkans region and EU member countries;

· individuals with years of experience in intra-governmental functionality and organization;

· individuals with over 5 year-experience in the private sector, focused on corporate PR.

Our team is diverse and flexible. We combine all our experience to find new and innovative solutions to real and pressing issues. We don’t just believe in the western values, we leave by them.